Adobe Digital Literacy Thought Leaders share their thoughts on the importance of fostering digital literacy in higher education. Hear more about how Adobe Creative Campus institutions have driven student outcomes, student engagement, and career readiness. 
Demand for Transferable Skills
Vincent J. Del Casino Jr., Ph.D.
Former Vice President Academic Initiatives and Student Success
University of Arizona
Working With Faculty to Develop Digital Literacy Skills
Jean Cheng
Program Manager, Academic Innovation Studio
UC Berkeley
Improving Student Engagement
Melissa Vito, Ph.D.
Interim Vice Provost for Academic Innovation
University of Texas at San Antonio
Fostering 21st-Century Skills with Creative Cloud Tools
Kyle Bowen
Former Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology
Pennsylvania State University
Adopting Adobe Across the Curriculum
Marcio A. Oliveira, Ph.D.
Assistant Vice President, Academic Technology & Innovation
University of Maryland
Beyond Creative Classes
Valentina Arismendi
Media and Journalism Student
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
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